Grow Regardless: Of Your Business Size, Your Industry or the Economy and Despite the Government!

Is Ireland’s booming economy just an illusion?
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These are among the many efforts initiated by our government to shape a vision for Canada. Robert D. The competitive advantage of any Canadian company will be connected to its digital advantage. A credible action plan that is well aligned with the needs of businesses will help position Canada as a world leader. We are already seeing companies coming together to work on truly transformative technology projects and develop new programs for digital skills in manufacturing—initiatives that have taken off just by introducing businesses to one another.

The power of connecting entrepreneurs across industries and technologies is truly remarkable. Building a Nation of Innovators describes how the federal government is doing its part to create a broader and deeper culture of innovation in Canada. Now our businesses, large and small, need to step up and do their part. It understands the essential role science plays in developing the talent that will fuel our economy and create high-value careers for young Canadians. Investments from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, through FedDev Ontario, allow us to construct new state-of-the-art wind tunnel testing capabilities and continue on the path of innovation set by our founders more than 40 years ago.

This will help us boost our competitiveness, offer even greater innovative solutions for our valued customers around the world and continue to redefine possible. The ability to compete in global markets is determined by how efficient we are with our product and how capable we are in meeting changing consumer demands. We understand the need to innovate and have received both financial and professional support from ACOA to help us move forward with new technologies. With the addition of automated processes, we have improved output and efficiency, improved quality control and food safety, allowed for new product development, and reduced waste.

Embracing automation and innovative tech has introduced new skills to workers and helped with employee retention.

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Strengthening connections between corporations and start-ups will not only lead to new ideas and product developments but also further establish the region as a global destination for innovation. Indeed it is happening faster and more comprehensively than we expected, nurturing talent and creating jobs and competitiveness broadly beyond just large knowledge firms. There is more to be done, but there has been great momentum. The pavilion will provide an exceptional environment for UdeM students and researchers to train the next generation of innovators and support Canada's leadership in science.

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A big thank you to all those who contributed to this major endeavour. Canadians are at the core of innovation whose ideas and inspirations will guide the future success of our economy. Countries around the world are making large investments to unlock the benefits of technological transformation for their economies and peoples. In order for Canadians to reap the same benefits, we require a new approach that builds on our strong fundamentals, such as sound public finances, a low inflation environment, and the lowest unemployment rates in a generation.

Innovation is the key to competitiveness, productivity, economic growth, creating good jobs, and overall making life better for all Canadians. To become one of the most innovative countries in the world, Canada must build a culture of innovation, where Canadians can embrace change and have the right skill sets and tools to leverage emerging opportunities to compete in the global economy. The multi-year Innovation and Skills Plan is Canada's response to this new reality, redefining the innovation ecosystem.

Is Ireland’s booming economy just an illusion?

The Plan builds on Canada's innovation strengths and addresses areas of weakness along the innovation continuum: from people and skills, through to fundamental and applied research, building innovation ecosystems, commercializing ideas and starting-up companies, to exporting and scaling-up globally competitive companies across all sectors of the economy.

At it's very core, the Innovation and Skills Plan builds around Canada's competitive advantage: its people. The Innovation and Skills Plan is a major redesign of the innovation policy landscape in Canada.

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The Plan's integrated, integrated approach supports firms at all points along the innovation continuum and Canadians at every stage of their lives. Emphasizing partnerships, it brings together stakeholders from across the innovation system. It embraces inclusivity and fosters the participation of traditionally underrepresented groups in the innovation economy.

It strengthens Canadian leadership in key sectors by removing barriers to growth and fostering innovation in potential high-growth areas.

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Targeting challenges and opportunities at every stage of the innovation continuum, the Innovation and Skills Plan is firmly rooted in four interconnected and mutually reinforcing pillars. Ensuring businesses have the right pipeline of talent to succeed and equipping Canadians with the tools, skills, and experience they need to succeed throughout their lifetimes. Canada has one of the most educated populations in the world, but important skill gaps remain. As the nature of work continues to evolve and technological change accelerates, many employers have difficulty in identifying the specific skills their employees will need as automation continues to accelerate.

Canadians must possess the right skills and the flexibility to meet the demands of the workplace in the face of changing business models. To grow and scale-up, firms must be able to fill skills gaps. They need better access to global talent and to recruit from a broader, pool of Canadians with strong science, technology, engineering and mathematics STEM , business, creative, and digital skills. All Canadians, particularly youth, women, Indigenous people, must have more opportunities to develop key skills, and upskill. They must also be connected to high-speed internet to participate in the digital world.

Under the Innovation and Skills Plan, CanCode is delivering new digital skills and coding training to youth and their teachers. A greater number of work-integrated learning placements are giving young Canadians the hands-on skills and experiences they need to get good jobs. The new Global Skills Strategy is helping to fill skills gaps by providing businesses with a quick and reliable process to access global talent.

The Plan also addresses digital divides by making new investments in broadband infrastructure through Connect to Innovate. Connecting Families, in partnership with the private sector, provides low-cost internet and computers to lower-income Canadians. Building innovation ecosystems through new partnerships, bridging the gap from idea, to commercialization, to growing globally-minded firms.

Canada's existing research strengths have not translated into sufficient applied research, technology, or innovation outcomes. Aging science infrastructure across the country has also prevented our researchers from being the best in the world. Early-career and women researchers interested in pursuing careers in science face many barriers. Canada's rate of collaboration in innovation ecosystems between industry, academia and other innovation actors lags that of other leading countries, with a low density of networks and clusters. The Government engaged leaders from the research community to conduct the Fundamental Science Review. In response to the Review's findings, the Government has made historic investments in fundamental research, science and infrastructure that will underpin innovation, competitiveness, and economic growth for years to come. The Innovation and Skills Plan is also creating the right partnerships for developing new innovation ecosystems that bridge the gaps from science, to commercialization, to investment and scale-up.

The Government alone cannot create a culture of innovation; it requires partnerships with firms of all sizes, both with large anchor firms and with smaller firms that are striving to grow and become globally competitive. Attracting investment, supporting the growth of leading Canadian companies and start-ups, and exporting. Despite Canada's strong record in starting businesses, relatively few companies scale-up into globally competitive companies, exporting and operating at the cutting edge of innovation. Canada needs a clear path to growing more companies.

Smaller firms are not taking full advantage of productivity-enhancing technologies e. The Innovation and Skills Plan responds by encouraging the growth of Canadian businesses so they can integrate into value chains, export, and compete globally. Through Innovative Solutions Canada, a new procurement program, the Government is acting as a first customer for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs by releasing grand challenges and inviting innovators to solve them. This approach supports the development of early-stage, pre-commercial innovations with great global commercialization potential.

It increases the availability of late-stage capital through the Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative, and patient capital through new clean technology financing.

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Canadian start-ups and SMEs require this type of support to scale their businesses. Offering a timely, client-centric single window in the delivery of business innovation programs in every region. Traditionally, the suite of federal government programs for supporting innovation in Canada was difficult to navigate.

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Other programs were too narrowly focused for today's economy. In addition, many Canadians simply did not know where to go to get government support, preventing them from capitalizing on opportunities to grow their businesses and compete. It is clear that indirect support alone is not sufficient for supporting Canada's innovation system across all sectors of the economy.

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At the same time, programs need to be responsive to firms' needs, and all levels of government need to operate at the speed of business, and with better access and coordination.