A Brief Guide to the Scottish Regiments in the Great War (A Brief Guide to... World War One Book 1)

Southern Rhodesia in World War I
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Thisproject has digitized 1. Its crowd-sourcing features allow users to help tag and classify the collection. A digital collection of Italian diaries during the First World War, which are searchable by theme, author or location. In these diaries units were required to report their daily activities summarizing events, reporting intelligence and recording dates and locations.

The French armed forces published a digitized archive of their units' First Worl War diaries. The texts, chosen by historians and linguists, are intended to represent the various and diverse ways of describing and narrating the First World War. Its World War I archive is sorted into over 50 categories and contains more than historical films. This media library provides television programmes and articles about the First World War. This database presents information on international war and anti-war films of all genres, from feature films to documentaries.

It provides details title, year of production, director, actors, etc. A detailed keyword-index enables searching by war, topic, motif or certain film-specific expressions. The material is predominantly from and focuses on the Battle of the Somme. Colonial Film.

World War I: 10th and 20th Forestry Engineers

Some First World War veterans continued to serve with the army. a guide to the records of British Army soldiers who served in the First World War. served in one of the Household Cavalry regiments during the First World War. . The books are all available in The National Archives' reference library, For quick pointers. A brief guide to the Evening Times Roll of Honour of WWI personnel reported During the First World War, the Evening Times newspaper printed short Entries usually include regiment, address, family names, occupation and often a photograph. open to anyone with an interest in Scottish military history and genealogy.

The colonial film archives contain footage from the former British empire, including reports on the First World War. More than archives have registered and digitized their material. The growing archive contains over film, photo, and video sources.

Soldiers' Service and Pension Records

An online repository of more than 7, items of text, images, audio and video. The archive consists of collections of primary material from major poets of the period.

The Beginnings Of World War 1 Explained - First World War EP1 - Timeline

This atlas on Wikimedia Commons contains maps of the progression of the First World War, organised by location, date and battle. A digitized sample 32, items of the David Rumsey Map Collection , maps , allowing viewers to access and then compare, analyze and view items in new and experimental ways.

The collection focuses on rare 18th and 19th century maps of North and South America, but also has maps of the world, Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania. The collection includes atlases, wall maps, globes, school geographies, pocket maps, and more. Items range from about to the s. Cartographie maps troop movements along the Western Front and allows every date to be selected on a calendar.

Liste der digitalisierten Zeitungen, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. The Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin provides digital copies of German and foreign German-language newspapers. The database and newspapers are in German. The University and State Library of Bonn provides access to digitalised newspapers from the Rhine region. In , the magazine Aera republished newspaper articles that had been published exactly years ago in Germany. The eight-page weekly featured news, poetry, cartoons and sports coverage. Feldzeitungen aus dem 1.

The University of Heidelberg's digital collection contains a wealth of historical sources including a large collection of German books, newspapers and magazines. An online archive of Austrian newspapers and periodicals from to Of primary relevance for WWI research is the postcard collection.

An online archive of over articles from English-language magazines that focus on various aspects of the First World War. All articles were published between and The Trove database offer ,, digitized historic books, images, newspapers, maps and more.

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The Virtual Library of Historical Newspapers has digitized thousands of historical newspapers from the Spanish-speaking world and includes the ability to search for any word on any page of any digital newspaper. This collection of pamphlets from the First World War contains pamphlets on military campaigns, women's labour and civilian support of the war.


This database includes details of slide sets, slide images, readings and other texts related to slide sets, lantern hardware, people and organisations involved in lantern history, and much more, including slides from the First World War. This website presents digitised versions of posters from the University of Illinois archives that were published in France during the First World War.

Each poster is accompanied by a transcription of the French text and an English translation. This database of war posters is from the collection of the Canadian War Museum. The database is available in French and English. This collection of war posters includes French, American and German posters which exhort the civilian populations to buy war bonds, support the war and help to provide food aid.

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The database and posters are in German. Mohovich Collection, Georgetown University. Mohovich Collection. The virtual exhibit contains 46 posters representing some of the work of Allied poster artists and their Canadian counterparts during WWI. The website contains basic descriptions in French and English and images of each poster, an artist index, a search function, and an essay about Canadian War Posters. The search function enables users to search by World War, category, artist and keyword.

British Army Service Records

The website is in French. This collection of posters and postcards contains materials from the University of Minnesota Libraries as well as the Hennepin County Library. The database is in English, and English translations are provided for postcards in other languages. This website displays postcards from La Contemporaine collections. Giesbrecht: Der Erste Weltkrieg auf der Bildpostkarte.

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This collection of articles focusses on the effects and perception of the First World War. The articles are in German. A database of resources concering the history of communism and accompanied by images, films, podcast, external links and maps. The documents and descriptions are in French. The speeches focus on issues and events surrounding WWI and the subsequent presidential election of An online archive of British parliamentary debates, written answers and statements, Lords and Grand Committee reports, lists of speakers, constituencies, offices, acts, bills, and divisions, digitalized by Hansard, the Official Report of debates in the British Parliament.

A selection of British cabinet papers from to Available in German, French and English. This primary source database presents the Hague Conventions of and , Geneva Conventions and Miscellaneous Treaties, Conventions and Agreements. The Influenza Pandemic, Stanford University. A virtual exhibition dealing with different aspects of the influenza pandemic, from the scientific and medical approach to both the causes and treatment to the actual spreading of the pandemic in two waves, and the response of public health institutions and governments. The website is available in English, French, and German.

This website aims to provide information about all aspects of military history and to help connect those interested in military history. A virtual exhibition on the Gallipolli campaign comprising of contemporary newspaper accounts, photographs and other images. The Western Front Association WFA was formed with the aim of furthering interest in The Great War of and perpetuating the memory, courage and comradeship of all those on all sides who served their countries in France and Flanders.

The website contains numerous articles and visual-media sources on an array of topics. Website providing a digital curation of the Battle of Jutland, including podcasts, animations, stories, maps and other sources. During the First World War, 10 million servicemen and civilians were captured and sent to detention camps.

The Scots Guards